Melissa 10/13

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Melissa 10/13

On October 13th, I headed over to the Owings Mills area to work with Melissa on her wedding day.  Her bridesmaids were such a fun bunch! They had both myself and my assistant, Heather, ( laughing the entire morning.  Melissa’s family was so very nice too.  Her mom looked stunning and had such a warm and loving personality to match.  Her father was equally sweet.  I had the pleasure of working with him also–he had nicked the top of his head the day before and it had left a little gash.  I was able to work my airbrush magic on that too–it’s always so fun to see what that amazing machine can do!  Melissa too, as the pictures do tell, was an absolutely beautiful

woman to work with.  When she sent me her photos, I was blown away–I had to share them right away!  I think what I love most is that the photos totally capture not only Melissa’s obvious outward beauty but also that within.  Her smile truly lights up every shot! (

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