Jessica’s Wedding–July 30th

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jessica lee 3

To finish off July, I headed over to Hunt Valley to work with Jessica for her big day. Jessica was such an easy going and relaxed bride and I was so glad she and I were able to work together.  It’s funny, whenever I tell people I do wedding makeup, they always respond with some comment assuming most brides are like the “Bridezillas” that are so commonly showcased on T.V.  Working with brides like Jessica, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.  I’m not sure if it’s because my company is small and just starting out–but I seem to get the most calm and “go with the flow” kind of gals out there!  It’s so nice because with this attitude they are able to remember what the day is truly about and are able to enjoy it for all it is worth! click here  Best of Luck Jessica–you were such a beautiful bride!!

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